I'm committed to making writing a regular practice. Most of the time you'll find me writing about innovation, creativity, and the art of taking things from zero to one.

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Building your faith in an idea

It’s common to think that our faith in something, whether it’s a company, new project, or idea, will come from facts. But I find that not to be true

Success = Boredom

This phrase deeply stuck with me when I first read it, despite being so simple. It changed my approach to career and life

Negative Capability

Who would have thought I'd find a great definition for innovative people in poetry?

Is AI going to replace designers?

No, but it will make old beliefs more apparent


We think that we have an imaginary tree that will keep bearing fruit forever, instantly

Slip into the gap

A metaphor about the creative process from a poet

What it takes to stare at the abyss

This is a bit of a different (and short) post. It's a recommendation for a Sunday afternoon

Playtesting like Valve

Games are the most complex software ever built, and product designers could learn a few things from how they are built

Designers need to be inventors

Design will change a lot in the next few years, and designers need to be ready

Why leaders (and their mindsets) might be the ones blocking innovation

Leaders might be the biggest blockers of innovation at any company. And it's often due to certain mindsets

Curiosity and the creative act

Curiosity today has a weird form of "what's in it for me." It has to provide instant value and certainty at a specific point in time. But one of the most rewarding things in life is learning things with no goal in sight

Authentic vs. Designed experiences

I went to a Ramen spot in Paris that resembles a Japanese fish market inside, with fish containers, ice, and even a giant Bluefin Tuna on a table. But it's all fake, down to the ice in the containers

Practice vs. performance mode in business

Of all the sport-related analogies in business, the one that is missing most often is practice time

On writing daily so far

It's been almost two weeks since I started writing daily, not just for myself but also for other people. It's been a trip riddled with excitement and some self-doubt


Sometimes, I wonder what triggers nostalgia, what's so appealing about it, and why it doesn't apply to everything – notably, technology

Starting from scratch

I'm reminded of the privilege to start something anew as I complete another trip around the sun (Yes, AKA my birthday)

Designing for good in the world

Most of our work in tech only serves the most basic urges of our brains. It’s a problem that needs fixing.The culprit is how metrics and success are framed in product development and its unintended consequences.

A place for flavor in tech

Will there ever be a place for ‘flavor’ when designing tech products?

Nurturing potential or banishing it out of existence

A teacher in college once told me I had no taste and that I would be better off “designing pamphlets for grocery stores.” Her main argument? You develop good taste from birth

Doing for the sake of it

A kid beat Tetris after 34 years of attempts, breaking the game’s code. Why would any human make that into a goal?

Simplifying strategy

Something every leader will struggle with is promoting the right kind of simplicity when crafting their strategy

Wanting control while expecting surprise

Designing AI products requires a deeper understanding of what people want. And what they voice might be different from what they want

“Dogmatism increases as ability declines”

The artist Donald Judd wrote an “essay” to explain why so few masterpieces were being created in the 20th century. I couldn’t help but draw parallels to the design practice

Getting stuck in 19th century definitions

Words can carry powerful meaning. But their meaning will change. It’s inevitable

Hire and promote taste

Taste eats skill for breakfast in creative fields