No, but it will make old beliefs more apparent.

Tools like demonstrate that design can now be automated just by typing a prompt. I have experimented with it and observed other people's outcomes, ranging from mediocre to good enough.

For many businesses, good enough is acceptable. They will gladly opt for lower costs because they believe design is not part of their core differentiation. Even before the emergence of these tools, there was a division in the market between companies that have Design as part of their investment thesis, affording high-caliber talent as part of R&D, and others that treat it as a necessary step.

It reflects an old belief that design is a cost, not an investment that yields ROI. AI design tools will only reveal which companies and individuals value good-enough output over invention and taste.

I suspect these AI tools will further reinforce the impression that design was a simple step that required automation and cost reduction in the first place.