Brazilian-born designer and leader. Helping transformative companies through strategic design and creativity.

2017 – Present

As an early design hire my contributions have been instrumental in enabling people worldwide to receive the support they need – to date, over 3.5 million hours of professional coaching have been facilitated through the BetterUp platform

2016 – 2017

Joined the company during a period of intense change towards mobile-first. The products I designed were used by over 100 million teachers and students globally, leading to an acquisition by NetDragon

2012 – 2016

Beni was a marketing intelligence platform designed for brick-and-mortar, with over 160 customers. I co-founded and led the Product and Design teams

2010 – 2011

I worked as a design generalist, and was involved in a variety of projects spanning graphic, industrial, and fashion design




I'm committing to making writing a regular practice. Sharing my thoughts on a variety of topics.


Idea Workstation

Coming soon

Currently exploring how AI can be a daily tool for creatives to document, process, and remix their inspiration. More to come soon


Odds & Ends

2010 – 2023

A raw and unfiltered glimpse into my work, presented without context