Year: 2012 – 2016

Role: Co-Founder / Head of Product and Design

Beni was a marketing intelligence platform designed for brick-and-mortar businesses. Our primary goal was to develop automated tools aimed at encouraging repeat customer visits.

In my capacity as a co-founder, I led the Product and Design teams. My responsibilities included direct engagement with customers, crafting the product roadmap in collaboration with other company leaders, overseeing various initiatives across both business and consumer sectors, and maintaining a high standard of product quality.


The concept for our company emerged from a simple observation: many small, physical retail stores wanted to engage in marketing but lacked the time and expertise to do so effectively. Despite relying heavily on foot traffic, these businesses often didn't understand the factors driving it.

The challenge was to create a product that offered easy-to-use, effective tools for businesses, while also being appealing to consumers. Our strategy led to the development of a "data marketplace" – a centralized platform that gathers customer intelligence across thousands of stores. This data is then utilized to tailor incentives and campaigns to individual customers. Consumers benefit from access to a variety of loyalty programs with attractive rewards. For businesses, the platform provides an automated marketing solution.

As a co-founder and the Head of Product and Design, my initial role was to conceptualize the strategy and user experience for both consumers and businesses. My responsibilities evolved to include managing teams and co-defining the product roadmap with other leaders.


  • Our product significantly increased repeat customer foot traffic by an average of 85%
  • Businesses experienced a 9x return on investment when implementing loyalty programs through our platform.
  • Over 160 companies used our product daily in their operations.

Brand and Marketing

In addition to my product development responsibilities, I also spearheaded the brand and marketing strategy during the initial years.

Given our primary customer base of physical retailers, it was crucial to craft a brand that resonated powerfully with consumers, combining allure and functionality. Our aim was to leverage our product and brand experience as a gateway for consumers to explore other stores within our network.

I designed the brand guidelines and consumer/company websites to align with these expectations, ensuring they were not only visually appealing to consumers but also informative for prospective companies interested in joining our data intelligence network or utilizing our marketing tools.