Year: 2010 – 2011

Role: Design Generalist

OESTUDIO, a design and fashion studio, was founded by alumni of FABRICA, the design lab of Benetton. During its prime, it stood as one of the most influential design studios in Brazil. Our notable projects included designing the garments for Brazil's delegation at the Pan American and Olympic Games.

As a design generalist, I was involved in a variety of projects spanning graphic, industrial, and fashion design.

F/W 2011 - Com Ciência Negra

In the Winter of 2011, OESTUDIO collaborated with students from Oi Kabum!, Oi's school of art and technology, to present a thought-provoking collection at Fashion Rio. This show, "Com Ciência Negra," aimed to spark a conversation about a crucial and historic theme: the significance of black awareness. This concept is vital to our history and should neither be forgotten nor excluded.

The collection was birthed from a workshop by OESTUDIO with Oi Kabum! students. It comprised five acts, each portraying the young generation's view on the importance of recognizing and valuing black heritage – a theme consistently reflected in our creative processes. Drawing inspiration from the depth and emotion associated with the color black, our designs predominantly featured black and its variations, accentuated by shades of red, symbolizing the universal nature of human blood.

The designs showcased large, utilitarian silhouettes, shorter bottoms, and details that revealed the inside of the garments. Key elements included patchwork, highlighting the concept of miscegenation; a black garden pattern that presented black as a spot of light; and pieces dipped in ink, reflecting the idea that we embody all colors.

With this collection, OESTUDIO invited the audience to engage in a personal journey of reflection and response, sparked by the profound symbolism of this "sentiment-color."